Healthy Aspects of Choosing Metal Buildings in Sandpoint, ID Instead of Wood Construction

Interestingly, Metal Buildings in Sandpoint ID may be healthier for people to work in, and even to live in, than those built with other materials. They tend to be quieter and have better climate control. They also are friendlier to the environment.

More Insulation

Steel frames create larger spaces behind walls than wood frames do. When those spaces are filled with insulation, the building has better climate control and is more energy efficient. The material cuts down on chilly drafts during the winter and prevents hot spots in the building on very warm days. As a residence built by a contractor such as Town & Country Builders Inc, the construction allows homeowners to save money on utility bills and spend that cash on something else.

Noise Reduction

In addition, noise reduction because of the extra insulation is remarkable. This is particularly helpful when the building is located adjacent to or near a road with a great deal of traffic or in the vicinity of other noisy activities. Bars with music bands, small manufacturing plants, car repair services, and even schools with lots of kids shrieking on the playground can generate enough noise to make a home’s residents feel uncomfortable. In fact, chronic noise issues in residential settings have been found to be a risk factor for high blood pressure.

Environmental Aspects

Metal Buildings in Sandpoint ID also are healthier for the planet because they consist, in large part, of recycled materials, including steel and aluminum. Buildings constructed mainly of wood typically contain all, or nearly all, virgin wood taken directly from forests. That requires greater use of fossil fuels. Wood also is a high-maintenance material compared to steel and aluminum, requiring materials that include paint or stain and, sometimes, the replacement of boards.

Avoiding Pests and Mildew

Another problem with wood is its attractiveness for insects and rodents. Metal buildings are less prone to invasions by termites, carpenter ants, and mice. Termites and carpenter ants have no use for steel and aluminum, and mice and chipmunks can’t chew their way through it. In addition, the exterior of a metal building is not susceptible to mildew growth.