Healthcare Service in Suffolk County, New York

We all need healthcare services no matter our age though a good proportion of our older demographics tend to need it more than others. Health is an ongoing condition that needs updating even when we practice clean living and stay physically active.

Health services in Suffolk County, NY, offer emergency care, preventative intervention, rehabilitative assistance, long-term, diagnostic, primary, hospital, palliative and home care.

We at Land, Sea & Air Medical Review Specialists offer comprehensive healthcare services in Suffolk County, NY, that include transportation medical exams and drug & alcohol testing including services with Medical Review Officers.

We specialize in transportation and occupational medicine where we take healthcare services to your premises at a time that best suits your company, an arrangement that saves your company work time while getting a quick but thorough evaluation.

Land, Sea & Air Medical Review Specialists have been serving the community of North Lindenhurst and the surrounding areas of the New York state since it started in 1988.

More specifically, we offer medical services that include breath alcohol and saliva testing, DOT drug and alcohol testing, physicals as regulated by the fire department, hair testing, physicals by the OSHA, FAA, DOT and 19A, post-accident testing, securing substance abuse programs and others.

We also have occupational medicine as our specialty.

With Land, Sea & Air Medical Review Specialists, not only are you getting a comprehensive medical service with thorough physicals, we’ll keep you updated on company policies and even help you secure approved substance abuse and rehabilitation programs.

If you’re looking for healthcare services in Suffolk County, NY, give us a call at 631-225-3060.

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