Have Your Fine Jewelry Restored By A Jewelry Fort Myers Store

If you are the owner of very expensive jewelry or heirloom jewelry that has been passed down through your family for generations, you need to know a jewelry Fort Myers store that knows how to properly restore that jewelry if it should become damaged. They should have experts that can do everything from simple repairs like chain repairs, ring sizing, clasp repair or replacement, prong retipping to more elaborate repairs like invisible set or pave’ diamond repairs and antique jewelry restorations. What ever kinds of repairs you need, they should have technicians that have the training and experience to take care of it.

There are some Jewelry Fort Myers companies that have very experienced watch servicing techs. They know very well how to clean or repair such fine watches as Raymond Weil, Omega, Baume & Mecier and even Rolexes. With every repair they will provide you with a a full service warranty for 1 year. These specialists can also restore antique watches so that the not only look beautiful but will be fully functional as well.

Most of the stores that provide these services have certified gemologists that have been trained by AGS (The American Gem Society) and GIA (the Gemological Institute of America) so they can offer you appraisals and gemological services. They can provide you with an informal professional opinion or create you a written appraisal that is accepted by insurance companies. Some will also have an expert on ancient monies, called a Numismatist, that can authenticate ancient monies of all kinds.

Bradleys-jewelers .com is a company you will find that offers you all of these services plus the ability to custom design jewelry to their clients’ specifications. Their designers find that one of the most enjoyable experiences their clients have is sitting down to map out exactly what their vision of a brand new piece of jewelry is and then moving from the drawing or CAD design to actually producing that piece of jewelry. They also will purchase gold and estate jewelry from clients wishing to sell. They truly are a fine example of what a full service jewelry store should aspire to be like. Click here to know more.

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