Have You Been Injured While On Someone Else’s Property?

Under local, state and federal law; property owners have certain obligations when it comes to maintaining a safe environment for those who are authorized to be on the premises. When the owner fails to do this and an authorized party should suffer an injury, it may be wise to hire a Naperville premises liability lawyer; a lawyer that is experienced in holding negligent property owners accountable.

When you have suffered a serious injury you will be more concerned with getting better and returning to work than anything else. It is at this time when you should hire a lawyer that can take the lead on getting you the appropriate compensation for your injury and all the associated expenses.

There are a number of things your lawyer will do on your behalf:

Accident investigation: As evidence quickly deteriorates it is extremely important that evidence that supports your contention is gathered as quickly as possible. An experienced Naperville premises liability lawyer will have done this countless times, he or she knows exactly how to go about and what kind of evidence is needed to support your claim. Your lawyer will interview witnesses, document the scene through photographs, get copies of any accident reports, medical records, etc.

Negotiate a settlement: Once there is sufficient evidence to support your claim, your lawyer will make a settlement demand to the property owner’s insurance carrier. Rarely will an insurance company accept the settlement demand; they will invariably argue the facts and evidence in an effort to drive down the settlement amount. Your lawyer knows how these things go; he or she knows how to negotiate a settlement that compensates you for lost income, pain and suffering, disfigurement, etc.

If negotiations fail and the claim cannot be settled in your favor your Naperville premises liability lawyer will file a lawsuit on your behalf. Your lawyer will present the strongest possible case in an effort to get you the maximum possible award.

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, you have the right to demand compensation for all the costs associated with the incident. To maximize your compensation you should hire a Naperville premises liability lawyer. You are invited to contact the Shea Law Group.

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