Has the Time Come for a Roof Repair in Edmond?

Part of owning a home is making sure that every aspect of the building remains safe and sound. When it comes to the roofing, it pays to know when something is not quite right and arrange for a roof repair in Edmond without delay. Here are a few common signs that making that call needs to happen to day.

Shingle Fragments on the Lawn

The weather was a bit rough last night, and included a lot of wind, thunder, and rain. While the roof seemed to get through the episode without any problem, the homeowner notices small fragments of shingles on the front lawn. Perhaps no whole shingles are found, but the fact that there are tiny pieces dotting the lawn means some damage was sustained. Before the next round of bad weather arrives, it pays to have a professional take a look. The problem could be isolated to one area of the roof, making the roof repair in Edmond easy to manage.

Moisture in the Attic

A recent trip to the attic made the homeowner aware of an extremely musty smell that was not present before. Sure enough, the rafters are moist to the touch. This indicates some water is seeping through the roof and settling in the attic. An inspection by a roofing professional will make it possible to find the leaks and do whatever is necessary to prevent any more rain from getting into the attic space.

Water Marks on the Ceiling

When the homeowner notices that there are water marks on the ceiling, there is no doubt that something must be done quickly. In order for those marks to be present, the amount of seepage into the attic must be significant. That means the insulation may already be ruined. Having the roof repaired quickly and replacing the old insulation will protect the home from further damage, and also avoid the risk of higher heating and cooling costs.

Even if there is no reason to suspect that a Roof Repair is needed, it pays to have the roof inspected every couple of years. Doing so makes it possible to head off potentially severe problems, and avoid a lot of expense and frustration.

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