Happy Birthday to…..me?

So you’ve just moved to a new city, started at a new job and are struggling to settle in and make friends.  Who needs friends anyway; you have your cat, your cosy apartment and plenty of episodes of ‘Girls’ to catch up on.  Friends are overrated, right?

Birthday blues

Moving to a new city can be a lonely time, and if your birthday is right around the corner, it can be disheartening to think that the only celebrations you’ll be having involve some mac and cheese and reruns of Friends.  Plus maybe a phonecall from your mom.  Moving can also be an expensive time, so chances are you don’t have the money to travel home and celebrate with your old friends at your favourite local haunts; depressing!

Sealed with a kiss

Friends might ask you for your new address, or they might forget, or they might scribble it on a napkin and lose it….there are countless reasons why your doormat could look as barren as the Sahara come your birthday morning.  Don’t let this happen to you – make sure your friends send free birthday ecards!  Suitable for even the most broke friends who seem to have been studying some obscure degree forever, ecards are free to send, fun to receive and require no more knowhow than (a) how to use the internet and (b) how to type in an email address – oh and they’ll need to know your email address too, of course.

21st century giving

E-cards are definitely the future; chances are your bosom buddies already have your email stored in their smartphone, so they can send free birthday ecards with just a couple of clicks – no PC or mouse required!  We can’t think of anything better than logging into your email on your birthday morning and being bombarded with musical and animated ecards – it sure beats a slew of work emails and the usual load of spam that seems to arrive constantly, despite your best efforts at setting filters.

Of course when it comes down to it, you really should return the favour.  Enjoy your birthday and your stash of e-cards but make sure you send one back when your friend’s birthdays roll around – nobody likes a taker.  Birthday e-cards are for life, not just for birthdays. Or something like that.

Greeting Bear offers a range of free animated and personalized e-cards for you to send to loved ones, so you can send free birthday ecards or wish someone happy birthday. You’ll even find a wide range of gifts available, for occasions from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day; there’s something for everyone.


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