Hand-Crafted Terracotta Planters Add Elegance and Beauty to Any Setting

Designing an Attractive Landscape for a Residence or a Commercial Building

Business owners can design and create an attractive landscape that tells customers what to expect before even entering your store or restaurant. Stunning, large Italian terracotta vases can hold plants with or without vibrant blossoms and can give people a sense of calm and optimism. The quality of these imported pieces is noticeable whether the building’s landscape is bordered with lightweight poly planter, several giant planters from the Impruneta Collection (authentic, high-quality handcrafted vases) or a Vicenza Stone sculpture.

Adding a a Classic Look to Any Home

Different collections of these art pieces can be placed indoors or outside to give a large driveway or front yard a subtle, expensive look. Some pieces, especially the antiques have different hues. To give spacious, newly-built homes a rustic look, people often choose fine pedestals, benches, giant outdoor sculptures or fountains.

Quality Terracotta Vases and Antiques From Impruneta and Siena, Italy
Rare antique pieces, including sculptures, planter, and vases, come in different sizes and styles. Each piece is a detailed work of art and a reminder of the Renaissance period in Tuscany when handcrafting terracotta pieces became a form of artistic expression.

The talented team at Tuscan Imports has been dedicated to providing customers with fine, high-quality authentic Italian terracotta vases for their homes and businesses since 1998 and its representatives ready to take your inquiries.

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