Hadoop Archives Provide Valuable Information

If you have any questions about this open-source storage framework then doing a simple search of Hadoop archives can usually find just the information that you need. The easiest way is to look for mailing lists or information that is divided into specific subcategories that are designed by and for those that use the software.

Typical subtopics or categories found in Hadoop archives will include lists for developers, users, issues, general information on the project. You may also find specific project information such as for Hadoop-mapreduce-commits and hadoop-hdfs-dev that provide highly technical answers to questions or issues you may be facing.

What Is Hadoop?

As mentioned above the Hadoop archives discuss this open-source software by Apache, which allows the processing of very large data sets. It is designed by users and contributors and falls under the Apache license 2.0 as a top level project. It was created in 2005 by Doug cutting and Mike Cafarella but it has only been available as a stable release since October of 2013.

Within the project or framework there are actually several different modules. These include the common libraries and utilities, the distributed file systems (HDFS), YARN (managing computer resources in clusters and scheduling) as well as MapReduce. MapReduce allows for the very large data processing that makes this such valuable software in commodity cluster computing.

Why Use Hadoop Archives for Information?

Since this is a built-by-user type of system it is critical to keep on top of the issues, problems, possible interface problems within the software that are developing as the project expands.

For example, the Hadoop archives will discuss and detail issues in using the software with higher level Apache open source interfaces such as Apache Hive or Apache HBase or with SQL variants. Having the option to review Hadoop archives where other developers or users have had similar issues with the software to the ones you are experiencing will assist you in working through the issues you are facing.

Accessing Hadoop archives for assistance is a simple, easy and efficient way to deal with issues in developing or using any of the modules of the Apache Hadoop software or its integration with other operating systems and platforms.


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