Gyms in Housing Near Ole Miss Offer Physical, Mental and Emotional Benefits

Many college students feel too busy to exercise regularly. Yet regular physical activity is important not only to maintain fitness and stay healthy, but it also improves brain function and mood. It’s easier for many people to work out several times a week when there’s a fitness center and swimming pool available where they live. Student housing In Ole Miss in an apartment community may be an appealing option.

Improved Brain Function

Improved brain function helps with mental alertness and cognitive ability. Students who stay physically active and avoid a sedentary lifestyle have the chance to perform better academically than they would otherwise. A study published in December 2021 found that only 10 minutes of running boosts brain activity and makes people feel better emotionally.

Reducing Stress and Improving Sleep

Being physically active during the day also helps reduce stress and improve sleep. Young men and women who have trouble falling asleep find that daily exercising eliminates the problem.

A Variety of Activity

The right student housing by Ole Miss can help a great deal in this goal. Community residents may choose the workout features they like best, which often is more motivating.

One person enjoys swimming, while another likes to lift weights. A variety of resistance machines allows users to build lean muscle and increase strength. Treadmills make power walking, jogging and running convenient. Residents can use the equipment at night if they prefer as well as when the weather is uncooperative.

To learn about one particular apartment community near campus, prospective renters may visit the Archive Oxford today.

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