Gum Contouring from a Dentist in Lafayette LA

Advancements in cosmetic dentistry have made it possible for people to do much more than correct issues with their teeth. For example, some people dislike their gums. This can cause them to be ashamed to show their full smiles. Unfortunately, braces and other procedures will not change the appearance of gums. An innovative cosmetic solution referred to as gingivooplasty, however, can help to change the appearance of an individual’s gums. A dentist in Lafayette LA who has received cosmetic dentistry training performs these types of procedures.

A consultation and oral examination are needed to determine what the patients dislike about their gums and what dentists can do to correct the issues. Most patients want a portion of their gums trimmed away to reduce the appearance of a “gummy” mouth. Sometimes this procedure is also used for receding gum lines to correct the appearance of long teeth. Adjusting the gum lines of patients is commonly referred to as gum contouring.

You may be thinking that the dentist in Lafayette LA will need to cut into your gums to correct them, however, innovative technology has made this procedure possible via the use of a laser. The dentist uses the laser to trim away excess gum material, sealing blood vessels during the procedure which minimizes bleeding. Many patients have reported they did not experience bleeding during their gum contouring. You might also have concerns about pain. But, for the most part, former patients report this procedure is not painful. Keep in mind, some patients might be more sensitive to pain and require mild pain medications after wards. Swelling is also minimal, which means most patients will not show signs that they have recently had the procedure performed.

These procedures are cosmetic in nature, and you will be able to get results much faster than you would if you opted for orthodontic treatments. Some patients require several cosmetic procedures to get the perfect smile. You might choose to gradually correct your smile by having procedures completed separately, but many patients opt to have all of their cosmetic dental treatments completed at one time.

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