Guidelines For Hiring An Attorney After An Accident

Your car accident attorney is responsible for civil suits involving an automobile accident. In these cases, the main responsibility of the Car Accident Attorney Kent is to enable the client to get the most possible compensation after having incurred damages or injury during the accident. Generally, you need a car accident attorney if you were in an automobile accident and the other party or insurance company is refusing to pay for damages, repairs to your car, medical expenses, and even lost time away from work. Additionally, effective legal representation helps to ensure that the responsible party does not skate by scot-free.

Guidelines when Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

1. Do it as soon as possible. You need to hire an experienced car accident attorney as soon as you realize that the other party is unlikely to take responsibility. This is because in as much as your case may have a lot of merit, you also have a limited time to file your claim before a court of law. Hiring a good attorney effectively jump-starts that process.

2. Hire an attorney who you trust. There are times when your best interests do not exactly line up with those of your insurance company. This is especially so because they are also in the business to save money for their company. As such, your car accident attorney may give you advice that goes against the advice given to you by your insurance company. This is why it is essential for you to believe that your attorney has your absolute best interests at heart, and that everything they do on your behalf is for your good.

3. Understand that there are many settlement options. Every legal case is different, and it is important to realize that your case may take a different route than you had originally anticipated. For instance, you may have the option of settling out of court as opposed to having the case heard by a judge. In most of these cases, you would probably be required to sign an agreement stating that you shall not talk about the case again, which in turn, means that you cannot sue the insurance company, the driver or any other parties.

At A. Robert E. Thomson Law Offices, your attorney takes the time to comprehensively explain what every stage in the process requires, in addition to explaining the implications of every document that you sign.