Guide to Teeth Whitening in Audobon

Many people desire to improve their smile. Your smile is among the first thing people notice about you. A bad smile can be embarrassing in certain situations and cause low self-esteem. One way to improve your smile is through cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry offers various techniques that can change the appearance and shape of your teeth. You can choose advanced procedures like dental implants for missing teeth or orthodontic braces for correcting a bite. A popular procedure is teeth whitening in Audubon. It is ideal if you just want it change the color of your teeth.

Teeth can be whitened in several ways. Some people choose to whiten using home procedures. Home kits commonly consists of pastes or strips. These products are made with bleaching agents that whiten teeth by a shade or two. The best way to whiten teeth is with in-office procedures. The bleach used by a dentist is much stronger than the home kits. A dentist prepares the teeth with a cleaning and checks for gum problems. This is to make certain you qualify for teeth whitening. Not everyone will be eligible for the procedure. The procedure may not work well if you have permanent stains since this situation may cause teeth to resist bleach. Patients with thin teeth are often not suitable candidates for teeth whitening in Audubon.

There are two office methods you can choose from: tray and laser. A tray-base system requires a mold of your teeth. It can take a week for the dentist to make the mold. The mold is need to make a custom-tray to hold the bleach. A barrier is placed on the gums to protect them from the bleach. The length of time you wear the tray depends on the desired shade. The laser method whitens teeth using a strong beam of light. To activate the bleaching substance. Laser whitening costs more, but it is much faster than the tray system. There is also less risk of sensitivity following the laser treatment.

Teeth whitening in Audubon can restore your looks and your self-esteem. You no longer have to hide because of a bad smile. It is something to consider for a better, brighter smile.



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