Growth Factor Therapy Helps Back Pain Treatment in Maplewood, MN

The use of growth factor therapy is becoming commonplace in the 21st century. Growth factor therapy is commonly used for treating wounds, arthritis, degenerative medical issues, and back pain.

The benefits of growth factor therapy include the stimulation of cells that can relieve the effects of inflammation and healing. Back pain treatment in Maplewood, MN, using growth factor therapy, promotes the body’s natural healing process to replace damaged cells.

Which Conditions and Injuries are Treated by Growth Factor Therapy?

Many conditions and injuries are treated by growth factor therapy, with less reliance on chemical agents. The natural process of growth factor therapy stimulates the body’s cells to heal quickly. Medical issues, including arthritis, tendonitis, and cartridge issues. Other conditions that can be treated with growth factor therapy include plantar fasciitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

How long does it typically take to see results and improvements with growth factor therapy?

The typical time to see results for individuals using growth factor therapy depends on the treated condition. There is no simple answer because every person reacts differently to the treatment. For children affected by growth issues, this therapy takes an average of three to six months to be effective. Treating injuries with GFT encourages the body to heal faster using growth factor therapy than traditional remedies.

Understanding how long does it typically take to see results and improvements with growth factor therapy helps manage patient expectations. For more information on back pain treatment in Maplewood, MN, contact QC Kinetix (Maplewood). View Testimonials

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