Greywater Harvesting Can Keep Your US Commercial Landscaping Green

Greywater harvesting involves collecting and purifying wash water from kitchens and bathrooms. However, it does not involve purifying toilet flushes. Harvested greywater can be used to water lawns and landscaping.

Recycling greywater not only saves money but also helps the environment, especially in areas with little rainfall. Using greywater for purposes other than drinking and bathing relieves the pressure on a diminishing water supply.

A commercial greywater system collects the wastewater into a collection tank. Then, it’s run through a sophisticated filtering system, rendering it nearly 100% pure. From there, it can be piped into the sprinkler system to water the landscaping.

Greywater harvesting is especially valuable for golf courses and country clubs. As you can imagine, watering an 18-hole golf course takes a lot of water. Some estimates say that the average course uses more than 300,000 gallons every day. In a desert climate, users can contribute to depleting the water table. But, recycling the water from the club’s sinks can significantly reduce that usage. Not only that, it can create goodwill with environmentalists.

There is a significant initial cost when installing a greywater system, but over the long run, it will save you a lot of money. Even more important, it helps to conserve the vital resource of fresh, potable water. Rather than using municipal water for your irrigate landscaping, use your property’s greywater. The benefits are not only financial but also socially and environmentally responsible.

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