Grapevine TX Bondsman Offers Same-Day Appointments & Walk-Through Bonds

Having open warrants does not mean you have to sit in jail after your arrest. With the right Grapevine TX bondsman, you can pre-arrange any and all bond payments and be released almost immediately after your arrest. Here’s how it works.

The Basics of a Walk-Through Bond

A walk-through bond is pre-payment of court-imposed bail upon your arrest in response to an open warrant. If you know you have an open warrant, don’t wait until you’re arrested or until after you turn yourself in to post bail. A walk-through bond lets you post bail in advance and get out of jail faster or avoid any jail time entirely.

Like any bond, a walk-through bond can be up to any amount. You only pay roughly 10 percent of your total bail, using collateral to guarantee payment in case you fail to appear in court. After assessing your qualifying collateral, your Grapevine, TX bondsman fronts the full amount of your bail, bonding you out of jail before you ever even have to go in.

The Walk-Through Bond Application Process

Obtaining a walk-through bond requires a trip to the bondman’s office. Call ahead if you can, or submit an info request form online to confirm what you need to bring. Typically, you only require proper ID, 10 percent of your overall bail cost and qualifying collateral. The bondsman takes care of the rest, helping you fill out the right forms and presenting the bond on your behalf. Contact Ronnie D Long Bail Bonds via phone for more info.

You can also contact Ronnie D Long Bail Bonds online for details on quick walk-through bonds and flexible payment options.

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