Granite Countertops Always Add Value to a Property

As soon as you change your standard countertops to granite, the dynamics of your kitchen also change. That is because granite is not only beautiful, but no two pieces of granite are the same. Therefore, this one-of-kind stone adds both value and aesthetics to any countertop design.

The Ideal Countertop for Kitchen Use

While granite countertops cost more than other types of countertops, they are well worth the expense. Granite is well-suited to kitchen use as it is stain-resistant. You can also select from hundreds of varying colors and patterns as well as speckles and veins.

Top-of-the-Line Finishes

When homeowners invest in granite countertops, they can maintain the natural good looks of the stone without difficulty. The stone can be finished with one of various applications, all with good results. Finish the stone by having it polished, honed, flamed, brushed, or antiqued.

Simple to Maintain or Clean

After the stone is finished, you will find that granite countertops are relatively simple to maintain and clean. You can clean the stone with water and mild soap. You can also purchase a specialized stone cleaner that will supply a protective film.

Easy to Configure

A granite countertop can be configured into any form or shape as well. You can have the stone cut and installed in such designs as ovals, curves, arches, or 45-degree angles. You can also add a routered edge or other creative enhancement if you so desire.

Not only is a granite countertop stain-resistant, it is also heat-resistant. You can set hot pots or pans on the surface without worrying about leaving burn or scorch marks on the material. The material can also be installed as part of an outdoor kitchen design.

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