Grain Bins in Oregon Characterize the Farmland Countryside

Rolling hills or flatter landscapes with mountains in the distance or practically in the backyard: this type of scenery characterizes much of Oregon’s agricultural land. Many family farmers need grain bins in Oregon for on-site grain storage, and big grain elevators can be seen at non-residential commercial enterprises as well.

As tourists travel through certain parts of the state, they come across small town after small town characterized by those grain elevators, making it clear that crop agriculture is an important aspect of the economy in this part of the country. At times, the towns are rather quiet and sleepy except for the rumbling of the busy grain elevators.

Grain Bins in Oregon typically are constructed of gray metal. They wouldn’t even be noticeable to passersby except for their sheer size and, sometimes, the number of bins set up together in one location.

People who are more accustomed to the sight of farms with a silo or two may wonder why this area has so many grain elevators. A primary answer lies in the types of crops that are prevalent and their uses. Silos generally house feed for livestock on the property, allowing farmers to feed their animals throughout the winter.

Grain elevators, in contrast, may hold food for human consumption, after processing it to be usable for cooking and baking. When the bins stand in a sea of golden wheat, it becomes apparent to travelers why those huge containers are necessary. The bins also hold grain to be used for animal feed on a regional or even nationwide basis.

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