Going To A Practice That Does Family Dentistry in Utica NY When Teeth Are Sensitive

Many people suffer from tooth sensitivity. When the enamel layer on teeth wears away, it exposes nerve endings in the layer underneath. When these are exposed, jolts of uncomfortable sensations will bother the person in some situations. Here are some steps someone with tooth sensitivity can take to minimize these uncomfortable feelings.

Avoid Situations That Trigger Symptom

When the sensitivity of the teeth is present, hot and cold temperatures can trigger a zinging sensation easily. It is best to avoid drinking or eating beverages of extreme temperatures. Using a straw can also help. Some people also find that going outdoors when temperatures are below freezing can bother sensitive teeth. Placing a scarf over the mouth can be beneficial in stopping symptoms from occurring. Sugary snacks also bother sensitive teeth in some people.

Use The Right Oral Care Products

It is a good idea to switch to oral care products made especially for sensitive teeth. Toothpaste and mouthwash made for this type of ailment will aid in filling in the areas where the enamel is missing, temporarily. While over-the-counter products can be helpful, seeing a dentist to get a prescription for oral care products may be necessary.

See A Dentist For An Evaluation

A business that does family dentistry in Utica, NY will be able to assist with discomfort felt in the teeth. A dentist will do an evaluation of the teeth and make recommendations to help reduce the sensations felt. This can be done by placing fillings or crowns over the affected areas. A dentist will also be able to give the person ideas on how to keep their teeth from suffering from further enamel damage. Prescriptions for oral care products to assist in minimizing sensitivity will also be administered.

When there is a need to see a dentist for the sensitivity of the teeth, going to a practice known for their superb customer service is usually desired. Contact a practice that does family dentistry in Utica, NY today to make an appointment for an assessment of the teeth. Check out a website like domain URL to find out more about the services provided.