Go all out with your Custom Exhibit Fabrication Plan

If you have finally got the nod from the big guys to go ahead with a custom exhibit fabrication you are on your way to generating a whole new world of leads. With the right budget you can create an impressive display that will draw in the crowds and let you show off your knowledge and sell, sell, sell. You might as well consider going all out using a few of these tips for the best exhibit at the show.

Size Doesn’t Matter
When it comes to custom exhibit fabrication size doesn’t matter. With the ultimate design team you can create perfectly impactful displays without the need for a massive space. The key is considering what you have to sell and using every square inch to get that message across at a glance. First consider how high you can go, as height can make quite the impression, especially when incorporating sculptured looks with curves or unusual angles. Then think about what you are selling. For example if you sell windows you can come up with a design that is made of your products outwardly facing to show people what you’ve got. If you sell electronics you can create stunning display cases using lighting and other technology to create beautiful pedestals to show off your items. No matter what you sell your custom exhibit fabrication team will be able to use whatever space you have to draw people in with ease and professionalism.

Appeal to the Senses
Appealing to the senses is very important to the success of your booth. This is especially important at food shows where aroma can sell before someone even reaches your booth. Look at what features you can add to your exhibit that will appeal to the senses. Use music, visuals and if applicable yummy aromas and sampling to draw in the crowds. And don’t forget about touch. You have to have your product there fore people to see, try out and experience in order to be successful.

Color Coordinated
Your booth has to be branded appropriately so people know who you are. Think of big brands such as Coke and Starbucks or clothing giants like The Gap and Victoria’s Secret. You always recognize their presence as they have created brand equity by being consistent and true to whom they are and what they sell.

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