Glass Storefront Doors in Germantown, MD Are Made with Safety Glass

When you first look at a storefront window or door, you might think that a forced entry would be easy. After all, glass is often vulnerable to damage. However, tempered glass, known as safety glass, makes vandalism or theft a more difficult pursuit.

Manufacturing Tempered Glass

Glass storefront doors in Germantown, MD that are made of safety glass undergo an additional process in their manufacture, thereby making them at least four times stronger than regular glass. This process entails heating the glass and cooling it quickly. By taking this approach, the glass is strengthened. It also changes how the glass breaks.

Non-Tempered Glass

When glass storefront doors and windows are made of safety glass, shattered glass breaks into blocks, which reduces the chance of injury. By comparison, non-tempered glass, when damaged, creates large and jagged shards that can easily injure people.

Normally, older glass storefront doors and windows are made of non-tempered glass, regardless of the style of the portal or window. Again, these storefront installations can cause severe injuries if they are broken. The glass splinters into large and heavy pieces. Therefore, it pays to replace this type of glass with safety glass.

Distinguishing the Glass

Most building codes today require that tempered or safety glass be installed in commercial storefront windows and doors. When glass is tempered, it usually features watermarks of the manufacturer in its four corners. However, it can also be purchased without the watermarks.

Laminated Glass

Another type of glass product that is used is laminated glass. This glass features plastic layers set between layers of glass. Because of the plastic, the glass normally punctures instead of breaks when placed under force. When the glass is struck at a high impact, fragmentation may occur, which directs a powder of glass inwards.

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