Glass Replacement: Points to Ponder When Renovating Storefronts in Washington, DC

Purchasing a store is only the first step. The new owner wants to make some changed to the front so customers will be motivated to stop and take a look at what the owner has to offer. This will often mean replacing the glass in the display windows. Here are some tips that will make it easier to choose glass that is perfect for Storefronts in Washington DC.

Compliance With Local Codes

Before any changes are made to Storefronts in Washington DC, shop owners would do well to talk with professionals who understand how local laws and regulations affect those changes. This is particularly important when it comes to replacing the plate glass used for the display windows or the glass used for the front door. The team at a professional glass service will understand those qualifications completely and will help the client make choices that are in line with local standards.

Tinting the Glass

While the main point of having display windows is to show off the goods offered in the store, it pays to think about having some type of tinted glass installed. The tint does not have to be dark to decrease the glare inside the store. A light tint will ensure anyone passing by can see what’s on display. If they happen to come in the shop during a time when the sun is shining directly through those windows, there will be no blinding glare to distract them from shopping.


Always go for plate glass that is treated to hold up well to any type of weather condition. Ideally, some type of coating should be applied to make the glass resistant to scratching. The thickness of the glass is also important in terms of ensuring the windows hold up well over the years.

The Security Factor

Security is something every shop owner must consider. Along with the thickness, making sure the glass is shatterproof is a must. A professional can identify a product that will hold up to a lot of pressure and discourage burglars.

If renovating the shop is next on the agenda, Browse the Site today and learn more about what Beltway Auto & Plate Glass has to offer. After a word or two with a professional, making the right choices won’t be difficult.

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