Give Your Face a Makeover With Some Nose Surgery

Hate it or love it, you can’t ignore it! With its center stage position in the middle of our face, our noses are one of our most prominent and distinctive facial features. Given its high profile, it’s no surprise that many people are dissatisfied with the nose nature gave them and are keen to get some nose surgery in order to obtain the shape and dimensions they desire. There are numerous reasons for considering this procedure, from a need for reconstructive work following an accident or trauma to a desire for a more attractive face through a change to our nasal contours. Find out more about what rhinoplasty surgery entails and the results which are possible.

What happens during nose surgery?

Also known as a rhinoplasty, nose surgery may be either “open” or “closed.” An open rhinoplasty involves a small incision between the nostrils and is frequently used for the insertion of implants or grafts to change the nose’s shape. The closed rhinoplasty procedure results in cuts being made inside the nostrils, meaning that no visible scars are produced. This technique is common during nose reduction surgeries. In both cases a general anesthetic is used, ensuring patients experience minimal pain and discomfort during the procedure.

What can I have done?

When used for cosmetic purposes, nose surgery can be used to make noses bigger, smaller or a different shape. Perhaps you have a bulge along the ridge of your nose which you would like removed, or maybe you have an asymmetrical nose which you feel is unappealing. Some noses grow too big, while others may be too small or “button” like. In all cases, an expert rhinoplasty can alter the nose so that it looks more attractive, enhancing the face by providing a more classically appealing feature.

What are the benefits of cosmetic nose surgery?

Obviously, an altered nose looks different to its predecessor. This usually means that the size of the nose is more in keeping with the other parts of the face, its symmetry is improved and the nose has a more regular, appealing shape. The results of these changes are that patients frequently benefit from an increase in self-esteem and improved confidence. Having the face they want may help enable them to overcome common mental health issues such as social anxiety, depression or poor self-image.

Nose surgery is a permanent procedure which means that once recovery is complete there’s no need for repeat appointments or follow-up sessions. Because of its permanent and often dramatic benefits, many patients feel they get an excellent return on their investment when they opt for this procedure. The Dr. Wise Center for facial plastic surgery in New Jersey carries out lots of these surgeries each year and will be happy to advise on what your options for a new nose might be.

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