Getting Things Ready for a Roof Repair in Philadelphia, PA

There’s no doubt that the old roof needs a lot of work. After talking with a contractor and settling on what needs to be done, it’s time to get ready for the day of the Roof Repair in Philadelphia PA. Here are some tips that will help.

Make Room for the Materials

Since the Roof Repair in Philadelphia PA will be extensive, the professional will likely arrange for the materials to be delivered the day before the work is slated to begin. Make sure there is a convenient place for those materials to be stored. Ideally, a spot in the back yard would be great, since the materials would be near the home and easy to access as needed. Talk with the contractor in advance and designate the spot. If the materials are delivered while the owner isn’t home, there will be no question of where to place them.

Clear the Driveway

While the materials may be delivered ahead of time, the roofing crew will bring along their tools and other essentials on the day of the repair. Since some of the equipment can be bulky and a little heavy, it pays to make sure the crew can park as close to the house as possible. One way to give them better access is to move all the cars out of the driveway. If parking on the street is out of the question, ask a neighbor or two about borrowing their driveways for the cars.

Move Flower Pots and Other Items Away From the House

Any patio furniture or other things that can be moved should be shifted away from the house prior to the start of the repair. Doing so allows the repair team to access every point along the roof without having to move a chair or chaise out of the way. As a bonus for the homeowner, moving those items out of the way reduces the possibility of needing to clean anything after the roofing team leaves.

If the roof could use some help, contact the team at Seal Roofing today and arrange for a full inspection. Once the scope of the problem is identified, it will be easy to make plans for the repair and ensure everything moves along without any delays.

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