Getting the Most from Your Industrial Grade Lubricants

If you run a manufacturing business, machine shop or other type of industrial enterprise in Sioux Falls, you understand the importance of industrial lubricant. Proper lubrication not only ensures longevity and better performance, it is the life blood of your machinery. Here are some helpful tips for getting the most from your lubricants, to keep your equipment running smoothly with limited downtime.

Too Much is Not Good

Keeping components properly greased is essential but you can use too much grease and this may create problems. First, you will spend more than you need for lubrication. In addition, it’s important to understand just how much grease, components like bearings should have.

Many people think excessive grease will simply purge contaminants from bearings and there is no problem with this practice. In fact, excessive lubrication can be bad for some bearings and seals. How can this be avoided?

An automatic greasing system can help to eliminate too much grease. Yet, it must be properly set up, so it does not deliver too much over time. When manually greasing, its best to use smaller amounts and grease more frequently, even though it involves more time spent on maintenance.

Keep Out Moisture

One of the biggest industrial lubricant enemies in Sioux Falls is moisture. Water can enter tanks from condensation, so this situation should be monitored when applicable. Pollution control systems may leak and in plants processing water, it is important to constantly check all components and systems for leaks.

In some systems, it’s not possible to eliminate all water. This is why seals should be frequently inspected and replaced when leaks occur.

Corrosion Inhibitors

If your machinery in Sioux Falls is subjected to moisture on a regular basis, consider a high grade industrial lubricant with corrosion inhibitor additives. This helps to protect steel components from rust and can prolong the life of your machinery.

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