Getting Started on Upgrades after your Energy Audit

When you decide to undergo an energy audit your HVAC-system will be assessed and other issues will be checked from air leaks to carbon monoxide emissions tests. Once the audit is complete you will receive a thorough report that will outline all of the issues your home has as well as recommendations for improvements. Here is a good way to approach your recommendations starting with the Heat and Air Knoxville TN homes depend on to keep their homes comfortable.

Prioritize your Needs versus Wants

When you look at your report you will see there is a broad range of issues. You want to look at the issues that require immediate attention such as installing more carbon-monoxide detectors as this is life threatening. You also want to look at things that you must have in your home such as the Heat and Air Knoxville, TN home owners depend on year round. If they indicate your HVAC system needs replacement this is definitely something you must consider. Make your way down the list and decipher which items are must haves and which ones are nice to haves and work on the urgent ones first. You can also consider budget and what you can afford.

Look at ROI

There are many home improvements that may seem like they cost an awful lot of money but that will save money in the end. Some minor improvements can make a major difference and major home improvements such as new windows may seem very expensive but will save you as much as 30 percent off your monthly energy bill. Some of the most common issues found on an audit will be mention of drafty windows, insulation issues and inefficient Heat and Air Knoxville TN older homes tend to have. All of these issues will make a huge difference on your energy bill and are worth the investment.

Improvements you can do

If your budget is tight you can do many of the changes yourself or do some smaller changes to help improve issues. If you can’t afford to replace windows use caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows. Check cables and wire outlets and insulate them as well.

From inefficient Heat and Air Knoxville TN older homes might have to new windows, you can focus on the things that are urgent and make changes accordingly.

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