Getting Prepared For Water Damage Restoration In Oklahoma City

by | Oct 5, 2013 | Water Resources

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Water damage is one of the worst emergencies a homeowner can have. Homeowner’s insurance may pay for most of the damage, but you could lose valuable personal items. It is hard to place a value on family pictures and other memorabilia.

It is dangerous to try and handle water removal by yourself. Before the professionals arrive, though, you have to secure the area. Here are some valuable tips:

* turn off the power

* locate the source of the water and shut it off

* be careful when walking on a wet floor

* lift any window treatments off the floor

* if damage happens when it’s cool, turn on the heat; if it’s hot outside, turn on the air conditioner

If you need Water Damage Restoration in Oklahoma City, call the professionals right away. They know how to mitigate damages so the situation doesn’t get worse. For instance, water causes major problems if it seeps into the home’s foundation. Professionals use various methods to clean up water fast. Restoration experts will dry, deodorize and disinfect the area. For more information, go to

If the water level is high, experts use gas-powered sump pumps to get rid of water. Drying equipment helps prevent further property damage like warped floors and walls. High-speed air machines evaporate water across walls and carpets. Industrial-strength dehumidifiers remove moisture from materials like drywall, insulation and plaster.

You don’t want the water to stand, because bacteria and other microorganisms will grow. Mold and mildew are always major concerns. Professionals use disinfecting products to stop the growth of any bacteria that may get into the home. Deodorizers are also used to eliminate the smell left behind by standing water.

Unfortunately, water damage may be severe. You may have to move out of the home, while repairs are being done. Companies providing water damage restoration in Oklahoma City will inventory and pack the contents of your home. Many companies have facilities where your belongings may be stored, and they’ll help you to resolve the claim with the insurance company. No one wants to have a disaster. But, having professionals help can eliminate a lot of stress. Emergencies happen, just be prepared.