Getting Help When You Have Been Injured as a Result of Automobile Accidents in Phillipsburg, NJ

Statistics from a 2012 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that 589 people were killed in traffic related incidents. Over 28 percent of those deaths were the result of a drunk driver. The numbers of drunk driving incidents has come down since then, but the incidents are still major enough to be a serious problem. This means the chances are that you might be involved in one of these accidents. If this misfortune comes to you, an attorney that represents those injured in Automobile Accidents in Phillipsburg NJ offers to help.

Being involved and injured in an automobile accident is a potential personal injury lawsuit. If you have been injured in a traffic accident, it behooves you to check immediately to see what your chances are for recovery. Every state has a time limit on recovery for injuries. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations is two years for personal injury. New Jersey specifically begins this statute of limitations on the date of the incident. This means you need to get started on the process to recovering whatever you can from your auto accident immediately.

Attorneys advise that you do not talk to the insurance company in way of giving an official statement until you have seen a legal representative of your own. Insurance companies are in the business of trying to keep from paying for damages, at least, as much as possible. They are not there to make sure your purse is loaded because of their client’s negligence. Remember, the whole process of an auto accident to the time everything is closed runs pretty rapidly. This is why you must talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

The Law Offices of Pfeiffer & Bruno have been providing personal injury solutions for clients in Easton, Bethlehem and Allentown, PA, as well as Phillipsburg, New Jersey. For oer 29 years, they have been advising clients in the areas of personal injury, workers’ compensation, family law, estate planning, DUI and criminal offenses, medical malpractice and automobile accidents. If you need an attorney who presents those injured in Automobile Accidents in Phillipsburg NJ, you can contact them at one of their locations. You can also browse around this website.

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