Getting Help From Investigators In Rockland County

Most people are familiar with what an investigator does. This is likely due to watching some of the fictional characters on television. While not everything we see on our favorite shows is true about an investigator, it is easy to see that it can be a hard job and takes a lot of dedication to do the job well.

Investigators in Rockland County work for various people. They are hired by major companies, lawyers, insurance companies, and individuals. Law firms use their services on a regular basis to investigate criminal and civil cases that they are involved with. A good investigator is essential to many cases.

Investigators are able to examine insurance claims to be sure that insurance fraud is not being committed. They also investigate disability claims to be sure that they are accurate and that the person who has filed the claim is actually disabled. If needed, they can provide their clients with photo documentation.

As part of their services, Investigators in Rockland County also perform surveillance.This includes employee integrity checks. Many companies are now using this service to protect their business interests. Many companies also use their services of background and pre-employment checks before they decide to hire someone. If you have a business and you feel that someone is stealing from the company, they can perform checks to see if theft or embezzlement is, in fact, going on.

Investigators in Rockland County use the latest cutting edge technology to meet the needs of their clients. They are fully experienced with digital audio and video equipment as well as night video equipment. They can also use covert cameras and covert audio recorders. As part of their investigation, they use GPS tracking devices.

It is much harder to be an investigator than most people think. If you need investigative work performed, it is best to hire a professional and not attempt to do the work yourself. Investigators in Rockland County can also get an assigned case completed quickly. Pagones-O’Neill Investigations is a company that works hard to serve their clients. If you are in need of investigative services, you should contact them today to discuss how they can help you.

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