Getting Hearing Aids in Naperville for Temporary Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is not always permanent. It can, however, last for weeks or months. Although your doctor may believe that your hearing deficits are only temporary, he or she may recommend that you consider getting hearing aids in Naperville until your hearing has been restored. Here are some reasons for temporary hearing loss.

Ototoxic Drugs

Certain medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, can cause ear damage and subsequent hearing loss. These medications are known as ototoxic drugs, and in addition to causing hearing loss, they can also cause dizziness, ear pain, and tinnitus.

While your hearing will probably be restored after you stop taking the drugs, it may take many months. Because of this, consider getting hearing aids in until your hearing comes back.

Chronic Sinus Infections

If you are prone to chronic sinus infections, you may have fluid in your ears. If your eustachian tubes are persistently blocked with fluid, your hearing may be impaired. Some sinus infections are bacterial in nature, while others are caused by viruses. If antibiotics fail to treat your symptoms, your sinus infection is probably caused by a virus.

Drinking plenty of fluids, using a saline nose spray, and taking decongestants may help drain the fluid from your ears, which will help restore your hearing. If you suffer from chronic sinus infections or bouts with otitis media, your doctor may recommend that you undergo ventilation ear tube surgery to help facilitate fluid drainage.

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