Getting Fillings from the Family Dentist in Toronto

When someone has a toothache, it is often because they have a cavity, which is going to need to be filled. It is never a good idea to ignore dental pain, especially if one knows that they have a cavity, because the cavity and the pain are just going to get worse and worse. Unfortunately, many people have dental fears, especially when they know that they are going to need fillings, which require the dental professionals to use the dreaded drills. But, modern dentistry is actually nearly pain-free, and new technology allows dentists to use the drill less and still achieve the same results.

When getting fillings, the family dentist in Toronto will first use a local anesthetic to numb the area. Then, they will remove the decayed area, either with a drill, an air abrasion instrument, or a laser. Before putting in the filling, the family dentist in New City, NY will examine the entire tooth to make sure that there is no more decay that needs to be removed, then clean the area to make sure there is no bacteria, dirt, or debris from the tooth itself. If the cavity was deep, and there was decay near the root of the tooth, it may be necessary for the dentist to put in a liner before filling the tooth. This will help to protect the nerve.

On the tooth has been prepared, the family dentist in Toronto will begin to apply the filling material. For white or composite fillings, this is done in layers, with each layer being hardened or cured by a special type of light. Once the layering is done, the filling will be shaped to look natural. White fillings are popular because they match the original tooth color, and they are preferred when fillings are needed in front teeth.

White fillings from a family Dentist Cooper City will actually bond to the original structure of the tooth. This means that these fillings give damaged teeth additional support. The materials used for white fillings can also be used to fix teeth that have been chipped or broken, eliminating the need for a denture or dental implant.

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