Getting Crowns Through a Cosmetic Dentist in Chehalis WA

Dental crowns are one of the most common treatments in a dental practice, mainly because there are several occasions where they are needed. In addition to this, there are various materials of which these can be made. To perform this procedure, the tooth has to have a high probability of being saved. A Cosmetic Dentist in Chehalis WA considers this treatment a highly predictable restoration, as these restorations cover the full tooth.

Crowns are used in situations where the tooth is undergoing changes and needs a desired fix. This can be for cosmetic reasons, for dental health reasons, or both. For example, when a cavity covers more than half of the tooth, where there is a fracture or trauma, or there is discoloration of a tooth, the dentist may suggest the patient undergo crown placement. To place a crown, a tooth must have 3 very important elements to support it.

These elements involve a root with sufficient length and grip to the bone and gums, as the root functions as the pillar of the restoration. If there are short roots, the prognosis will not be good because it will not have sufficient grip. Another element is that the patient needs healthy gums, because it is the gum that gives the patient the bond needed between the tooth and the crown. When these are not healthy, the gums tend to recede and show the attachment making this an aesthetic and functional nightmare. And finally, a patient must have enough tooth to retain the crown so it can recover any lost function.

If a Cosmetic Dentist in Chehalis WA thinks that crowns are not in your best interest, he or she may suggest a dental bridge or a dental implant because it is all about restoring lost function. But for these two procedures to be successful, a specialized cleaning is needed in order to regain a tooth’s healthy state. The dentist will also have to ensure there are enough healthy teeth rebuild the smile. If not, he or she may suggest pulling the rest of the teeth and replace all teeth with implants or perform an implant/bridge combination. All this information is predetermined in order to give the patient all necessary treatment options.

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