Getting a Guardianship in Lake County, IL, Helps You Protect the Interests of Another

Sometimes, children or disabled adults require the protection of another adult in order to protect their interests from those would do otherwise. But getting a Guardianship in Lake County IL is more than simply going to court and asking a judge to declare someone as guardian. It’s a legal process that is designed to name the most qualified person as guardian while preventing mischief from being done on the estate of the person to be guarded. Retaining an attorney from the law firm of Charles T. Newland and Associates can be a source of beneficial advice, guidance and help with the court process.

When someone turns 18 in Illinois, they are considered to be an independent adult by law. Parents or guardians no longer have control over the individual. In the event that someone has attained the age of 18 but is mentally or physically disabled and unable to maintain their own affairs, their parents or guardian can petition the court to remain in control. The idea of a Guardianship in Lake County IL is to give a guardian the ability to make important legal and medical decisions that the individual is otherwise unable to make on their own.

In order for someone to be considered to be in a position that requires guardianship, the person has to be:

* Of unsound mind (mental illness) or has gone through mental deterioration

* Incapable of moving independently

* Have a developmental disability

* Under 18 years of age

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