Getting A Great Tshirt Design in Kansas City

T-shirts make relatively inexpensive uniforms for sports teams, school children on a field trip or volunteers at an event; they also make great souvenirs for tourists or conference attendees. If you have a design or logo you want to transfer to a set of t-shirts, you may be searching for tshirt design in Kansas City. Before giving the order to the printing company, make sure to plan your design so that you’ll get the best result.

First of all, decide whether you want your design screen-printed or embroidered. An Embroidery is a good option for a small design and a higher quality, thicker fabric. It is more often used for polo shirts or button down shirts, but it is an option for t-shirts as well. However, most t-shirts are screen printed because that method can produce a larger, more detailed and varied design.

Next, decide whether you want to draw your design by hand or use software tools. If you are an artist and have a clear vision for your design, by all means draw it yourself and have the printing company reproduce it for you. If you are not an artist, you may prefer to use a design tool. Many screen printing companies offer a tool online that lets you select a template and choose from a large library of clip art elements. For more help, you can consult with a professional graphic designer at a screen-printing company. He or she can help you develop the best design for your needs.

Next, choose your colors. Bear in mind that when you screen print a shirt, the cost will depend on how many different colors you use. For each color, the printing company has to create a unique mesh and stencil, so designs that use many colors will cost more. Printing on a colored t-shirt will cost slightly more than printing on a white one because a base white screen will have to be used. However, if you are printing a large number of t-shirts, the price per item will be lower.

For your next charity event, class field trip, or summer camp, create a fun t-shirt to unite your group. Get more information about Tshirt Design in Kansas City.

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