Get Your School Physicals Done Quickly At An Express Clinic

Nearly every parent has been faced with a deadline for a school physical and no time to make an appointment with the pediatrician. If you have to get your child to the doctor quickly to get forms filled out for school or team sports, the easiest and most convenient place to go is to an express clinic. These clinics are not traditional doctor’s offices. Appointments are usually not necessary and offices are typically open late and on weekends so you won’t have to take time off of work and your child won’t have to miss school to get their physical.

The doctors at express clinics understand the requirements of your local school districts and sports organizations. They will perform your child’s physical to satisfy the specifications of the organization and completely fill out your forms so your child doesn’t experience any delays in their eligibility based on the accuracy of their documentation.

When you use a medical provider other than your child’s regular pediatrician for their physical, the exam may take longer. The doctor will take a detailed medical history before he or she begins the examination. Your child’s immunization record will be reviewed to ensure their shots are up to date. If your child needs one or more immunizations, the express clinic may be able to administer them.
Express clinics accept most government and private insurance plans and because School Physicals are usually covered by insurance, you may only need to pay your normal office visit copayment for the doctor to complete your child’s physical forms. After the doctor determines whether your child is in good enough physical condition to participate in their desired sport, he or she may give your child some basic tips on how to be safe while they are playing.

Whether you are running out of time to get the physical form turned in or you just need a doctor with a more convenient schedule than your pediatrician, try Midwest Express Clinic. The doctors and nurses are experienced at completing camp, sports and School Physicals as well as treated other minor emergencies. Express clinics offer faster service than emergency rooms and can treat children and adults with a variety of ailments.

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