Get the Facts About Breast Augmentation in Wichita

Being confident in yourself is not always something that comes naturally. For many women, undergoing plastic surgery is an effective solution to overcoming body image problems. While problem areas can be situated anywhere on the body, the abs, face, and chest are most common for desired changes. Among one of the popular choices for body alterations is breast augmentation. Many patients who have undergone this surgery have reported feeling much better about who they are.

The Purpose

Breast augmentation surgery is conducted to enhance the size of the bust using implants, existing tissue, or chest muscles. Women who opt for this surgery include those that feel their breasts are too small, have lost volume and shape after giving birth, or are looking to be more symmetrical as a result of uneven breasts.

The Basics

Breast augmentation surgery can take place with two different types of implants; saline and silicone. For patients looking for a more natural look, silicone implants are optimum choice. Before you can schedule a surgery, an initial consultation must take place. During this time, the surgeon will discuss implant types, incision sites, as well as implant placement. Interested patients must also take a physical exam to determine eligibility, ideal size of the implants, as well as the tightness and elasticity of the skin to ensure you will be safe during and after the procedure.

The Risks

Of course with any surgical procedure, breast augmentation does have some risks. Ideally your chosen surgeon will go over these risks with you to ensure you’re comfortable with the choice. General risks might include allergic reaction, bruising, bleeding, or swelling. There may be restrictions involved including no lifting heavy objects for a few weeks. There is also a bit of discomfort after the procedure; however, it can be remedied with pain medications.

Getting Breast Augmentation in Wichita is not a decision that should be taken lightly, as it is not for everyone. If you’re considering this form of plastic surgery, reach out to a qualified surgeon to go over eligibility, risks, and any other concerns you may have.

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