Get the Best Infant Acid Reflux Pillow

Acid reflux is also known as heartburn which occurs when the contents of the stomach move up the esophagus, instead of going down. It is very common in babies and can lead to various discomforts like pain in the abdomen, colicky symptoms and restless sleep. With the availability of a special infant acid reflux pillow, you can help alleviate these symptoms for your child. These pillows are designed by experts and are elevated to 30 degrees which can help relieve these symptoms in a natural way without the use of drugs. Using the concept of a 30 degree elevation can also appease the congestion associated with colds.

Made from medical grade vinyl, the reflux wedge pillow has a leather like covering that is easy to clean up and less susceptible to damage or stains. The vinyl is sturdy and provides a waterproof barrier so that body fluids or any other kind of moisture cannot get to the foam on the inside. The sling is adjustable up and down the wedge incline, making it easier to reposition as the infant grows. Attached by Velcro to one end of the wedge, this makes it easy for parents to change the baby whenever soiled diapers need to be changed. It is also easy to reposition them, on either side of the reversible wedge.

The infant acid reflux pillow came into being after years of research and development. When you opt for a leading brand, you can be assured that your child is in a safe sling system that has a proven track record. It is specially designed to address head molding issues and shoulder retraction problems that can develop in reflux babies. Since it is reversible, you will find a nest-like structure for back-lying while the other side offers a comfortable tummy-lying surface similar to the shape of a mother’s chest.

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