Get Started Growing Mushrooms at Home For Fun and Profit in Bellaire, TX

Crimini, portobello, shitake, oyster and button mushrooms. These are just a few of the wildly popular varieties of culinary and medicinal mushrooms available today. Mushrooms are easy to grow, and, can be the basis of a lucrative home business.

Growing Mushrooms at Home

With just a few simple tools, mushroom manure compost and mushroom spawn, you’ll be able to grow mushrooms in your backyard or a spare room of your house. You can keep your harvest all to yourself, or, sell mushrooms at your local farmer’s market.

Be sure to get your mushroom spawn from a reputable source and avoid wild mushrooms. Likewise, you’ll want to get quality mushroom manure compost in Bellaire, TX.

Spread a layer of mushroom compost over a wide tray. Sprinkle your mushroom spawn over the tray of compost, and rake it in with a small hand rake. Once the spawn has been mixed into the compost and the compost surface has been leveled, maintain the temperature of the mushroom compost at 75- 80°F. Also, keep the relative humidity high to keep the compost and the spawn from drying out. The spawn will grow quickly, producing a network of thread-like mycelium through the manure compost.

The mushroom spawn will colonize the compost depending on the growing conditions, but complete spawning usually takes 13 to 20 days. Once the compost is fully spawned, spread a mixture of peat moss and ground limestone as a top casing. Your mushrooms will develop after rhizomorphs have grown in the casing.

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