Get Rid of Radon from Your Water Using a Radon Water System

Unfortunately, radon gas is not only contaminating your air; if it gets inside the water pipes, it also contaminates the water in your house. So you will be drinking, showering, washing dishes and clothes with this radon water and you won’t even know it. A radon water system will help with purifying the water from any radon gas and chemicals so you and your family can enjoy a healthy life with clean and fresh water.

Why You Need a Radon Water System in Your House Right Away

When you install a radon water system in your house, you will lower the risk of radon levels in the water at your house. There are two commonly used radon water systems that you can get installed: one is the charcoal filter, and the other is the aeration system.

The charcoal filter, which is also known as granular activated carbon system, takes care of all the water in your house. This is good when your water has a moderate radon level.

The aeration system uses a fan that reduces the radon levels in the water between 85% to 99%, which is pretty accurate when it comes to mitigating radon from your water. What happens is that the system mixes your water with air inside a big plastic tank where the radon air gets removed outside and away from the house, leaving cleaned and filtered water to run inside the house.

Installing these systems is not an easy task, and it should be done by a professional. It is important to get your house checked and mitigated for radon levels in water. If you need to hire a professional to install a radon water system in your house,

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