Get Paid to Save Energy With Recycling in Nassau County NY

That old saying where “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” may be more true today than it ever was. Of course, this is mostly due to modern recycling capabilities and the fact that so many materials are now available for Recycling in Nassau County NY. For example, many kinds of plastic can be recycled even though plastic is very lightweight and extremely thin. The Most plastic that gets recycled is not melted but chipped into small pieces so it can be easily transported.

Other items than can be recycled include glass, paper, cardboard and assorted metals. In fact, scrap and waste metals are some of the best things to consider when Recycling in Nassau County NY. One reason for this is the amount of energy that recycling metals can save. Estimates for materials such as aluminum range as high as 95 percent energy savings versus producing the same amount of metal from raw ores. Considering how much aluminum is used every day, that could amount to a lot of saved energy. Plus, savings in energy means a lower carbon footprint for the country and higher quality air.

Opting to recycle takes a lot of dedication because of the need to keep the recyclables separate from the common trash. For a homeowner, this usually means a few small bins to collect certain types of waste. However, for many businesses the act of recycling often requires the use of roll-off containers and scheduled pickups. This is where waste control experts such as V. Garofalo Carting Inc. can help. These experts have the means to help collect any waste and pickup those recyclable items.

Keep in mind that some things are not easily recycled and some trash should never be tossed. To prevent confusion be sure to discuss these points with the container contractor. This ensures that there are no problems when the load is carried off and no hidden surprises when it is time to collect the payment. For instance, electronic items are recyclable, but they must be handled by specific contractors. This is because these items have certain heavy metals that can affect the environment and must be dealt with using strict guidelines. Tossing them in a recycling container could result in unexpected fines.

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