Get More Benefits Using ECig Drip Tips

When a person decides to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and begins using electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, they have a lot to learn about. Learning how to use e cigs can be challenging but with some help and encouragement it can easily be managed. One of the most important things to learn how to do is work the ecig drip tips.

What are Ecig Drip Tips?

The ecig comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors and shapes. They allow the users to customize the amount of e-liquid that they are getting so they can get exactly the amount they want. Direct dripping allows users to easily refill the amount of liquid in their ecig atomizer without having to remove and refill it. Many people who use ecig drip tips enjoy customizing them to make them more personal. Some ecig drip tips can even be found in shapes such as snakes, roses or skulls. Because they are so customizable they are very popular.

Dripping Takes Some Practice

When people first begin using ecigs they usually want to use something that most closely resembles the cigarettes that they are used to smoking. Ecigs are available in convenient kits that help people make the transition from traditional cigarettes to ecigs. Those kits have cartridges and cartomizers that can be easily exchanged. Once a person gets used to the ecigs they can begin to adjust to get a more customized and personal smoking experience. Using ecig drip tips and dripping gives users the most amount of vapor clouds as well.

Ecig Drip Tips Allow For More Variety

Another benefit to using ecig drip tips is the variety that the user will be able to experience. When users rely on cartridges or cartomizers they are locked into the flavor that they choose. There is no way to try another flavor without buying a new cartridge or cartomizer. But when someone uses ecig drip tips changing flavors is quick and easy. This allows users to try a wide variety of flavors and make their smoking experience more personal and enjoyable.

Be Careful of the Battery

When using the drip method there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure you don’t put too much liquid in the drip tip. Adding too much liquid could run into the battery compartment and atomizer. Also do not drip with an ecig that has an automatic battery if it’s not sealed.

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