Get Help Shipping Your Imports and Exports Through Houston, TX

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Transportation and Logistics

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Imports and exports through Houston, TX are fairly common. Ships coming into the Gulf Coast have natural ports where the freighters can drop anchor and unload the massive shipping containers from around the world. From there, import export trucking in Houston, TX picks up the containers and moves them to their next drop-off point or destination.

Have It Shipped to a Railroad

When you hire the company providing import export trucking in Houston, TX, you can request that the truckers pick up your crates and move them to the nearest railroad freight station. There, the truckers unload your crates, and the railroad puts them on rail cars. Then your imported goods move over land by rail to their final destination. Track your goods as they go.

Move Your Exports to the Coast

However you get your shipping containers to the coast, the import/export company can help you get the containers onto the ocean-bound freighters. You pay the shipping fees and arrange the outgoing dates and crates. The trucking company in Houston picks up your crates from your location of choice. Then they take the crates to the designated freighter in the preselected port.

In some cases, the trucking company can help you find outgoing and incoming shipping boats. Coordinate with the trucking company and the freighter to get all your shipments to their destinations. Ask for shipping quotes based on the extra assistance provided by the trucking company. Get started today by contacting RAJ’s Delivery Enterprise, LLC via the website,