Get Durable and Reliable Home Foundation Repair Services to Protect Your Foundation’s Integrity

by | May 27, 2014 | Foundation Repair

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A home is a major investment and the place where many families spend much of their time. For homes to sustain their integrity, it’s important to protect the foundation a home is built on. The three main type of home foundations are crawlspace, full basement, or slab. When a home’s foundation is defective, it can cause the home to shift. This entails getting prompt home foundation repair Services to restore functionality and longevity to a home.

Damage to a home’s foundation can be caused by one or numerous factors. Soil composition plays a major role in the stability of a foundation. the texture of a home’s foundation is often sandy, clay-based, or silty. It can also be combination of these soil types. Clay soil often absorbs water it’s exposed to. This provides a way for the clay-based soil to expand. Clay also contracts when it’s during dry seasons. This repeated expansion and contraction puts stress on a home’s structural foundation. Other factors that can contribute to a foundation change include: hydrostatic pressure, faulty building components, poor construction planning.

There are signs that are indicative of the shifting of the home’s foundation. Some of these signs include: sagging floors, cracked interior walls, defective doors, faulty windows, fractured brick, bouncing floors, and fractured basement walls. If you notice these problems, it may be time to call a contractor to perform home foundation repair Services.

When you call a professional to get help with your home’s foundation, it’s a good idea to set up a time for the professional to visit your home. During this visit, the workman will assess the damage to your home. He will use tools to diagnose any problem and the cause of the problem. He will give you a written estimate. This approximation of the cost of performing the job will include labor and any parts needed. If the contractor is licensed, the estimate should have his full name, business address, and license number on the estimate. For more information, please visit the Fan page of American Leveling. Contact the professionals at American Leveling that can handle residential and commercial foundation services.