Get Attentive Service For Your Loved One With Angels On Call

As our loved ones grow older, they may need some extra care at times. Some parents and grandparents may not want to live in a nursing home, so having a home health aide can be beneficial. If you need a home health aide in Philadelphia, PA, here are a few things to consider.

Home health aides can help elderly and injured individuals with several household tasks. It may not be effortless for your grandparents or parents to do their laundry or cook on a daily or weekly basis. Aides can also perform other home cleaning duties like dusting and vacuuming to remove additional dust and debris from home. These are physical tasks that often require stretching and bending, and this could be difficult for an older adult at times. Some individuals may also need help bathing and dressing. Home health aides can assist with this so that your loved one won’t have to move to the nursing home to receive these services.

Limited mobility is another issue for some elderly individuals. A home health aide can run errands for individuals in need and complete tasks like grocery shopping or picking up dry cleaning. This can certainly come in handy for individuals who can no longer drive or have to use mobility devices to get around. Health aides are also available to take clients to and from doctor’s appointments and can assist them with taking their medications on time.

To find out more about how a home health aide in Philadelphia, PA, can help you or your relative, visit the Angels on Call website.

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