Garage Door Service, Maintenance And Repair

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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When your garage door for your home is going up and down properly, it rarely occurs to the homeowner to think that it may need maintenance. A little routine maintenance will head off potential problems that will cause you to undertake garage door repair in Arlington Heights IL, before they start. Although some of these basic maintenance functions can be done by the homeowner it is always a good idea to hire a professional, by doing this you will know that the job has been done right and nothing of importance will be missed.

Basic maintenance:

The following tasks should be performed every year or so to prevent long term damage.

  *  Tracks: Check the tracks for any damage, ensure they are straight and level and in proper alignment. If the tracks have any serious damage you will have to have them replaced as a pair. While you are dealing with the tracks make sure they are clean and free of debris that can jamb the rollers.

  *  Lubrication: There are special graphite based lubricants that can be used on the tracks and pulleys; the rollers can be lubricated with any household oil.

Other than this, check to ensure that all fasteners are tight.

Professional garage door repair in Arlington Heights IL:

There are several garage door repairs that are above that which the homeowner can do or even attempt to do; these are issues that can only be dealt with by professionals. If you are experiencing any problems with the safety features built into your automatic opener, this is something that must be attended too quickly. If this issue is left unattended the results can be damage to your vehicle or worse, injury to you or a family member.

Another thing that the homeowner should shy away from is anything to do with the spring, that is, if your garage door is fitted with one. The large, central spring is very strong; attempting to remove it can result in serious injury. If you do have a spring related problem this may be the ideal time to eliminate it all together and have an automatic opener installed, the cost of installing an opener may not be much more than replacing the spring.

Although routine maintenance is something that may be in the realm of possibility for the homeowner, major garage door repair in Arlington Heights IL must be left to the pros.

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