Garage Door Repair in Newton, MA Can Save You From Injuries and Even Death

Do you know a 400 pound garage door can fall from its tracks onto the garage floor? The garage doors can, and they do, fall causing great harm and even death to the children playing or adults working in the garage. Up to 20,000 people are injured or killed in garage door accidents annually in the U.S., according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Many of these victims are children. The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) compiles this data, and the number of children killed is startling.

A falling garage door is caused by several problems, but the majority, close to 90 percent, are due to lack of garage door maintenance. Garage doors use some dangerous equipment, and homeowners just assume that the door will continue to raise and lower on command. This assumption neglects the absolute fact that doors wear out and the mechanisms that raise and lower the door wear out or break. After all, most homeowners have not heard of garage door failures, and neither did the families with serious injuries caused by a falling garage door. You can prevent this problem with the garage door repair in Newton MA maintenance program.

According to Garage Door Child, “There has been a measurable trend of garage explosions throughout the U.S. in the past few years because combustible materials and various appliances are installed or used in sealed off garages.” The conclusion reached by Garage Door Child Safety is garage doors should not be insulated.

Experts in Garage Door Repair in Newton, MA should conduct an annual inspection of your garage door, and this process includes ensuring the proper balance, lubricating important parts, checking the torsion spring, and tightening bolts. There may be other items that need repair, and good examples are replacing worn rollers and re-aligning the tracks.

You may need a new garage door because the door you have is worn out. A family with two cars may open and close their door 24,000 times in ten years. There is nothing but trouble ahead without adequate maintenance by a professional technician. The garage door industry has done a remarkable job of designing and engineering doors for every home. There is a style that will accent your home’s exterior and increase curb appeal, giving you beauty and safety. Click here to find a garage door maintenance technician in your area.