Garage Door Repair: Common Problems

A garage is usually so much more than a place to park your car or other vehicles. In Dane County WI, for many people it is a storage unit, a workshop and often an entry to your home. Its importance requires you keep it locked. It also needs to be in good working order. If it fails to perform its tasks, you need to contact a company that specializes in garage door repair work.

Repair Work

Even the sturdiest of garage doors can be damaged. It may occur over time. It may happen suddenly. Companies that specialize garage door repairs have seen it all. Yet, most can narrow down their daily list of repair work to a few. These ones are the type of repair work that appears more frequently than any others on their list. Among them are:

  • Broken Springs: The actual garage door may be fine, but the spring that operates it may break suddenly and without any warning. As a result, you may find your car locked firmly inside or outside of the garage.
  • Broken Cables: If a cable breaks, your garage door may sit idly, refusing to open. The door may sit in the tracks at a crooked angle. Cables do not break suddenly. They are usually the result of corrosion or they may simply fray.
  • Replacement Panels – Wood: If you have a wooden garage door, overtime, the panels may rot. Deterioration of the material will affect the viability of the door to function properly. Fortunately, you can often find replacement panels for the rotten ones. If the model is no longer available in Dane County WI, you may have to replace instead of repair the garage door.
  • Replacement Panels – Steel: While steel doors take a beating with impunity, accidents can cause serious dents. Bending inward or blooming outward can also occur. Fortunately, garage door repair companies can replace many steel door panels.
  • Replace a Broken Gear and Sprocket System: When garage doors jam, it may be the result of a broken gear and sprocket system.
  • Broken Garage Door Opener: This is a very common problem. The fault may lie in the age of the opener or in failure to take care of it properly. Repair companies can replace most brands quickly and efficiently letting you get on with your life.

These few problems are the ones more commonly handled by repair companies.

Garage Door Repair Companies

Today’s garage doors suffer from several common problems. In Dane County WI, a knowledgeable repair company can address these issues efficiently and effectively. Contact a reputable company at the first sign of trouble. They will send someone who is capable of handling any garage door repair issue that you may face including the more common ones listed above.

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