Galvanized Steel Sheets: Corrosion Protection That Lasts

Metal is formed into sheets through a simple industrial process. It is a basic concept in metalworking and fabrication shops in Minneapolis. Aluminum is a popular metal to form into sheets and plates. So, too is steel. However, in order to ensure the process produces stronger and more durable metal, steel often undergoes a further process. The result is galvanized steel sheets.

What Is Galvanization?

Galvanization or galvanizing describes a process of applying an anti-rust coating of zinc to either steel or iron. A French engineer, Stanislas Sorel (1803-1871), invented it in 1837. He filed a patent for a method that involved rust protection for iron in one of two ways:

  1. Coating the metal by placing it in a bath of molten zinc
  2. Covering the metal with something he referred to as “galvanic-paint”

These are the precursors of today’s most common method of coating stainless steel sheet – hot-dip galvanizing. Not all processes are identical resulting in differences in both the thickness and appearance of the zinc coating.

Purpose of Galvanization

Galvanization of any metal has one major purpose. It is to reduce the risk of corrosion from rust. However, the practice also provides the base metal it covers e.g. steel or iron, with other properties. Among one of the most important, besides the anti-corrosion properties, is increased durability. Galvanized steel sheets endure longer than untreated steel plate or other sheet metal.

Galvanized Steel Sheets

Steel is galvanized by submerging it in a hot bath containing molten zinc. As an alloy, metalworkers in Minneapolis admire it for three specific characteristics capabilities. These are:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Cost-effectiveness
  3. Versatility

Galvanized steel metal sheets become more fundamentally functional than their uncoated counterpart does. This makes them ideal for applications where there is exposure to harsh environments including winter salt such as you find in cities like Minneapolis.

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