Fun Facts About Rubber and Rubber Products in Seattle, WA

Rubber has been a part of people’s daily lives for a long time but unless one is in the rubber industry, it is probably not something that is often thought about. To fill in that vacant spot of rubber knowledge, here are some fun facts about rubber and Rubber Products in Seattle WA. Enjoy!


• Rubber was first culled from a South American tree called the Hevea brasiliensis. The tree produces a latex substance when it is wounded, and it is this substance that is the core material for “natural” rubber.

• Another rubber tree, called the Para rubber tree, is used for carbon sequestration to help clean the atmosphere of damaging pollutants.

• Rubber trees were first exported to the European continent by an explorer named Henry Wickham. He planted the trees all over Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, England, and Sri Lanka.

• Despite them being first introduced in Europe, it is now the continent of Asia that is the leader in natural rubber production.

• The prospect of creating artificial rubber began during World War II when the Japanese impeded the exportation of natural rubber from other Asian countries. Countries belong to the Allied forces began researching how to create artificial rubber to use on vehicle tires.

A Bit Of Science

• Almost all of the rubber produced today is synthetic. This is because it more cost-effective to make it rather than harvest it, and it is easier to manufacture Rubber Products in Seattle WA with synthetic versus natural.

• Every year, countless tires are recycled and made into an astounding array of new products including flooring for playgrounds.

• Recycled rubber can also be used to create alternative types of fuel that are very similar to oil and coal.

• Silicone, EPDM, and nitrile are all various forms of rubber. They differ in chemical structure and are used for different purposes.

• To top it all off, rubber is known to be great at insulating things and does not conduct electricity.

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