Fun Facts About All Things Optical in Hutchinson KS

Few things are as interesting as the human eye and those tools which are used to aid them. While waiting to make that appointment with an optometrist, why not read a few weird and interesting facts about all things Optical in Hutchinson KS.

Set 1

* Most parts of the human body need to warm up a bit before they can work at their full potential. Not the eyes, though. The eyes are always ready to go, no matter what time of day or night.

* The eyes are among the quickest parts of the human body to heal. After suffering an average corneal scratch, the eye can completely heal in as little as 48 hours

* Even as advanced as science has become, it is still impossible to transplant an entire eyeball. This is because the optic nerve is far too fragile to be able to disconnect it and reconnect it. Only a diseased cornea is able to be transplanted at this time.

Set 2

* A very primitive form of eyeglasses was invented in Italy back in 1286. They consisted of two crystal stones that were framed and had a handle affixed to them. One recalls some ancient form of the glasses from the Steve Martin movie “The Jerk” from this storied description. Fortunately, the

* While most people assume that contact lenses evolved from glasses, the reverse is actually true. Historical records from the 13th Century in Italy refer to glass lenses being used to fix poor vision but the lenses were actually inserted into the eyes, just like contact lenses.

* The bi-focal lens was actually invented by none other than world-famous inventor Benjamin Franklin. The storied figure was both myopic and hypermetropic, so his drive to cure his vision problems was strong indeed.

After reading these interesting facts about everything eye-related, why not make an appointment for any needs that are Optical in Hutchinson KS? A friendly staff member will make an appointment to see the doctor and vision can be restored by whatever means the doctor feels is best. Click here for contact info and start to “see clearly now” as soon as possible.

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