Fully Integrated Point Of Sale Systems for Retail

Every retail business needs a reliable point of sale system, so customers can pay for their purchases and be given a receipt. A retail manager or store owner also needs to reconcile all the day’s payments with all the sales which have gone through the system.

At the point of sale, a customer may hand over cash, make a credit card payment, write a check, and produce a coupon or a gift voucher. Some retail businesses also accept payments in crypto-currencies or foreign currencies.

Point of sale systems for retail can do a lot more than take payments. A POS system may also need to be able to deal with refunds, part exchanges, trade discounts, staff discounts and any special offers which take a percentage off the ticket price.

Additional features and functions can be integrated into a point of sales system for retail. Barcode scanning is an essential part of a sales transaction in many retail stores. In food stores which sell produce by weight, an integrated weighting scale is an important part of the sales process. When barcodes are not used, or do not work, a retail clerk will need to be able to enter a price manually or through a preset shortcut.

Modern POS systems can also be used by retail managers and store owners for customer relationship management, stock control and other back office functions. A sophisticated POS system can be linked to a stock inventory, making it possible to check any product’s availability. The system can also be set up to identify when stocks are running low and what needs to be re-ordered.

Retail transactions do not always take place in-store. A home delivery service or a door-to-door salesperson can have a mobile POS system on a hand-held device which allows payments to be made on the doorstep. Sellers at craft fairs, farmer’s markets and trade shows can also use a mobile POS system.

A big store may have multiple points of sale, for customers who make purchases in different departments and where a number of clerks are serving customers at the same time. Individual clerks can enter their own id or password into the POS system so it can record their transactions and the hours they work. Commission or bonuses can then be paid on singular sales results. Human resources will also have an accurate record of shifts, and hours worked per day.

The best POS solutions are available from the POS Superstore, where point of sales systems for retail can be customized to match the precise POS requirements of any business.

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